Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just For You

When I first saw you,
I didn't talk to you.

Your first impression to me,
A guy who looks quite,
A guy who likes listening to music with his Iphone.

Few days later,
I met you again at our friend's birthday party,
We had a talked but not long.

Then, I met you again.
I remembered,
That's the day I started teasing you and talked to you more.

I treated you as my friend.

We started to hang out together,
With lots of talking and laugh,
And loads of fun too.

You, Lend me your ears when I am emo.
You, Comfort me when I am depress.
You, Care me a lot and feel love.

We had a crash.

Our relationship started on 7th of September 2010.

It's 15th of December today. Guess what?

Happy 100th day! <3

I Love You!

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