Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas =)

How did I celebrate my Christmas?

It was a special day for my grandparents.
It was their 60th [Diamond] wedding anniversary.
I was wondering..
How many couples can last long for 60 years or more than that?
Probably not for the younger generation though..
Nowadays, people get married around 30 years and how many couple can live together until 90 years? it's hard.

my grandparents are one of the lovely couple.. =D

Video below is a video that made by grandchildren include me. <3
weeeee! =D

I Love You, yeye and mama! <3
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary!
Stay healthy and happy always!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just For You

When I first saw you,
I didn't talk to you.

Your first impression to me,
A guy who looks quite,
A guy who likes listening to music with his Iphone.

Few days later,
I met you again at our friend's birthday party,
We had a talked but not long.

Then, I met you again.
I remembered,
That's the day I started teasing you and talked to you more.

I treated you as my friend.

We started to hang out together,
With lots of talking and laugh,
And loads of fun too.

You, Lend me your ears when I am emo.
You, Comfort me when I am depress.
You, Care me a lot and feel love.

We had a crash.

Our relationship started on 7th of September 2010.

It's 15th of December today. Guess what?

Happy 100th day! <3

I Love You!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lovely Sunday with my Family

*Sunday morning
Had breakfast with my daddy, my mummy and my sister.
My youngest sister told me that dad likes to go out for breakfast every Sunday recently lol.
hmmm.. anyway, my dad ordered a lot of food although it's a breakfast.
What we had?
Hokkien Noodle, Nasi Lemak with Mutton Curry, Roasted Duck with Dry Noodle and Roasted Pork

The skin of roasted pork is crispy. We ordered it straight away when it's cooked and came out from the kitchen.
The mutton curry of the nasi lemak very nice and the mutton is tender.
Other things are nice too. =)
Too bad, I forgot the name of the place but i can tell you where's it located. :D It's a food court that near Cowboy.

After breakfast, dad brought us to Taman Gelora for a walk and took some picture. It was my first time holding my baby Olympus Pen. Pictures that I took are not that satisfied since I'm in the process of learning. I will improve. :)

*Sunday afternoon
Went out for lunch at food court with my family include my grandparents. =D

yong tau fu and fried noodle(炒冬粉)

Both of these are my favorite. Love it a lot..
Of course, there's Ice-kacang as my dessert.. =DD We asked them to give us some extra red bean.
Look nice right? It taste nice as well.
We order other food too but i don't have the chance to take it. My family can't wait to eat when the food served. LOL!

Finally, my dad decided to teach me driving after i have been stopped for 2 years. =)

*Sunday Night
Dinner at Sherwood. I love Sherwood. =D One of the best western restaurant in my hometown. Teehee! =D

Lobster soup, Saute Mushroom Salad, Zurich Schnitzel and Lamb Loin


I love my Sunday <3


Saturday, December 11, 2010



可是。。。 你依然还是我的朋友。


你依然是我的朋友! 永远都不会变!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petaling Street 茨厂街

Petaling Street is a Chinatown that located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
You can find a lot of pirated clothes and accessories there. LOL!

I went there with my family few days ago. Walk around and eat =)

This area has lots of food stalls and restaurants with nice food and drinks.
Hon Kee Famous Porridge Stall is one of the best stalls in Petaling Street. Pork Congee and Fish Congee are the best congee that I had tried in Kuala Lumpur. The congee is very smooth and nice. You probably will go back once you tried it. This place is not as clean as restaurant. You will have a different feel- it's kind of antiquity feel?
Air Mata Kucing is a kind of drink. I love this drink so much! =) It's not sweet.. This stall started their business ages ago. It's a very old stall.
So, this is Petaling Street..
Had a great day with my family. <3
You should go there if you haven't been there before. =)
Have a look and walk around.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My feeling...

I knew that...
Retake this subject and do it all over again is not a good choice.
Since I choose to do it, I will look forward and won't look back.
I choose to do this subject again, I'm not aiming to get a pass only.
I wish I can get a higher result for this since I did it before.

My overall result will look crap. >.<"
Year 3 subjects are the most important overall..
Gonna work real hard for it by myself!
Hope my friends can help me in the study too.. Please! ^^

I'm sad.. I'm moody today..
I really wish you can talk to me nicely and comfort me instead of telling me how bad is this decision.. I don't want you to go silent when I talk to you on Skype too.

Crying is not a best way but I still cry.. =(
I feel so down. I need comfort instead of arguing now..
You know? I know you have your own thinking, I have mine as well..
I'm sorry that i didn't take your advice.
Not that you don't have power or something.. but can you understand my situation?

I don't think you can understand my situation.
That's why i get so annoyed and gone speechless.
I'm happy that u supported me after that although you are not, Thank you.


Result is out!

Had a sleepless night last night.
Worrying about result.
Waiting for result.

Malaysia time is showing 7.30a.m.
I turn on my laptop and check the result.
Financial Accouting result is the first one that appeared in the page.
The mood went so down when I saw the result.
I already expected that i will get a super bad result for it but I still feel so sad and moody when I saw it.
Since I already came back to Malaysia, the only thing I can do is to redo this course again. I will take a elective during winter course too...

I thought I can get a D for intermediate econometrics but I got a C for it only. =(
Dissapointed.. So dissapointed... fml

expected and unexpected.