Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Study Life ain't easy

During high school, I did well in accounting subject. I got A for this subject. I love this subject so much and I wish I can become an accountant. So, I start doing foundation in accounting. I was one of the top student in accounting subject during foundation. Yes! I feel so proud of it. After one year of foundation, uni life started. Year 1 in Bachelor of commerce(Accounting), I did pretty well in it. I thought i would get good result in year 2 as well. Unfortunately, I did very bad in year 2. I failed my Financial Accounting. My heart seriously broke into pieces when I knew this result. I can't believe i really failed this subject. So, I have to retake this subject again.

It's week 12 now, exam is around the corner. I feel so stress about it. I scared that i will failed this subject again. I don't have any confident at all. I feel like giving up. I realize accounting ain't easy anymore. I feel so shit about it. I don't know how to study this subject. I don't know how to get good result in this subject. I don't know how to start my revision. I don't know.. I don't know.. I don't know.. I don't know.. I don't know.. I'm so blank now. Tell me, what can I do? Dad send me oversea because he wants to give me better education, better life, better environment. I can't make my parents disappointed. Study oversea ain't cheap. urgh!

I always want to start study but I can't. I can't concentrate. I can't understand those topics. I have a bad memory. Why everything have to be so hard, so difficult and so complicated? I never have this kind of feeling before exam. Thinking a lot of nonsense. Depress. Stress. Cry for study.

Study life ain't easy.
Life still have to goes on and on and on.......