Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Victor Harbor trip

Yesterday was fun but a tiring day. <3

Road trip to Port Elliot & Victor Harbor with a group of uni friends and celebrate Eric's birthday. Although the weather isn't that good, we still had lots of fun there. :)
They are...
Jessie, Seb, Eric, Steven, Hai, Vy, Thea, Thomas, Vanessa, Vy guy, Andy, Anh and Thinh.

First stop - Port Elliot Bakery @ Port Elliot
A shop with lots of nice pies..

Second stop - Granite Island @ Victor Habor
We had a walk in the island and took some pictures.

Third stop - Picnic @ Port Elliot (Handmade Sandwiches & Salad)
We prepared all the ingredients a day before. So that we can make our own sandwiches. Self-made sandwich is the best. Agree? =)

Forth stop - Steven's house
Since it was eric's late birthday celebration, we bought a cake for him. =) Then, we tried to finish all the food there but there's a lot left. lol

That's the day <3
Everyone went home around 9.30p.m.

Uni starts next monday. Assignments due next week. It's time to finish all the assignments. Good Luck and All The Best. Love you guys. =DD

p/s: picture will upload soon


Friday, September 24, 2010

Holiday =)

2 weeks holiday is super short.

It's Friday today yet i didn't do anything.
A week of holiday already past.

What did i do?
Staying at home like a lazy person =)

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