Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Garden, KL

My family and I used to pass by Yuzu Japanese Restaurant on and off but we never stepped in before because we always went to the Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Garden. According to my dad, Hokkaido Ichiba's food is getting worst and the seafood is not as fresh as the first time they went. I only been there for once yet the seafood is not fresh and stink. So, we decided to try Yuzu. Once we stepped in, the interior design of this restaurant oozes a warm feeling.

Of course, fresh seafood and sashimi are their speciality. To fulfil our hunger, we ordered a basket of Sashimi with 7 varieties mixed imported sashimi and there are 3 pieces in each variety. It is highly recommended because the sashimi is very sweet, fresh and not fishy at all.

We also ordered half of the Japanese Conch Sashimi which cost us RM150. This was my first time to try it in raw and I love it. The meat is very crunchy and sweet. It is kinda expensive but it’s worth to try it.

Then we move on to sushi and handroll.

Mango Soft Shell Crab Nama Harumaki is a deep fried soft shell crab and salad with mango that wrap in ricepaper with some mayonnaise sauce. It tastes yummy but people who don’t like onion probably doesn’t like it. You still can have a try.

Have you guys ever try sea urchin before? Yuzu Restaurant is one of the restaurants that you can go and try. Uni Temaki is the handroll that we ordered. The price is quite reasonable, RM 15 per handroll. It doesn’t look nice but my personally likes the flavour [sweet, soft like custard and fresh].

Next, we ordered a plate of Special Toro Sushi – sushi rice ball with chopped tuna belly. It decorated with a slide of lady finger and 2 fish roles. It looks nice and attractive.

Main course came next - Unadon, Yuzu Pizza, Yuzu Bento, Oyakodon, Stone-grilled Wagyu Beef and Garlic Fried Rice.

Yuzu Pizza – Yuzu chef’s special dish. I didn’t try this dish, so I’m not sure how isit taste like. According my sister, she said the taste has nothing special. I guess Italian pizza still the best. Haha!

Stone-grilled Wagyu is one of the best dishes during lunch. The texture of the beef is beautiful and the meat is very tender and juicy but the sauce is a bit saltty. So, we ordered a bowl of garlic fried rice to serve with the beef. The garlic fried rice has a very nice smell.

If you want something that brings you more value of money [RM38], there you go: Yuzu Bento. It is a special bento with assorted of thing inside include entrée, main course and dessert.

Unadon is a bowl of sushi rice that served with unagi, you can find it in any Japanese restaurant. Furthermore, Oyakodon is a Japanese rice bowl dish which has chicken, egg, onions and other in it. I’m sorry; I don’t have any picture of it. My family already started to eat before i took my camera out. That’s my family. =)

Dinner was finished off with dessert - Green Tea Ice-cream Parfait, Yuzu Ice-cream and Tiramisu.

Yuzu Ice-cream is the best dessert I had during lunch. Yuzu ice-cream is ice-cream that made by Yuzu. Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit. The ice-cream has a very nice Yuzu smell and not too sweet and not too sour.

Tiramisu is alright but it taste like chocolate cake more, still acceptable.

There is nothing special on the Green Tea Ice-cream Parfait and does not taste nice. I can make it by myself with a simple recipe – Green Tea Ice-cream, fruits and red bean. Hmmm.. not recommended at all.

There’s a Promotion for FUGU Course but we didn’t try it on because we were afraid. Haha! =D Tell me how is it taste like if you have the chance to try it.



T-235 & T-236, Level 3 Floor,

The Gardens Mall,

59200 Kuala Lumpur,



+603-2284 7663/ 7763

More information please refer to their Facebook:



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