Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello 2011

First of all, Happy New Year 2011! Sorry for the late wishes. =)

I went to KL with my family. =)
Countdown with my dad and sis while watching tv [TVBS new year programme]. lol

The main thing to go KL:
Chinese New Year shopping! =D
but sadly, we bought nothing much..

Shopping mall that we went:
Sunway Pyramid
This shopping is getting bigger and bigger. I'm falling in love with this shopping mall. hahaha!
IOI mall, Puchong
I'm not going to this mall again. It's not a good place for shopping. boring.. =D
This is my dad's favourite shopping mall. We went there every single time when we go to KL..
The Garden
It's a higher standard mall but we still love to shop there! Teehee!

Since my dad was there... as usual, we eat a lot..
I gain so much weight since I came back to Malaysia. OMG >.>
probably 3 kg.. It's a lot for me.. urgh!

Recommended cafe
If you need some time to relax, here you go:
Sense cafe, IOI mall Puchong

It's a nice cafe: listening to song while having a drink.
Ice blended green tea with red bean is nice there.
You can have a tried when you are free.

Have a nice day! <3


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